Tips to keep your pet cool this summer!


Tips to keep your pet summer cool!

  • Ice cubes – these can be a refreshing treat for your furry friend after a hot walk.
  • Water – ensure they have plenty of water available at all times and always carry a water bottle on your dog walk.
  • Cooling down- why not try one of our cooling coats or a cooling mat, no need to freeze as they contain a special cooling gel
  • Frozen treats – try mixing slices of apples and bananas with water and freeze them for a tasty ‘pooch pop’! 
  • Safe Walking– avoid walking in the heat of the day, instead change your walk to early morning or late evening
  • Cars – quickly get ‘oven’ hot, so never leave your pet in the car – even if it doesn’t feel that warm outside!

Don’t forget…

Check your conservatory before locking it up, to make sure you feline friend isn’t having a sneaky snooze. Conservatory temperatures can quickly soar’ and can become roasting hot!


What to do if you think your pet has heatstroke

If you are worried that your pet may have heatstroke, get them out of the heat and use cool water on a towel (never cold water) to cool their body and paws and seek veterinary attention immediately!

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